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Since 2003, HMS has served more than 25 Federal Agencies. Here are some of our current referenceable clients.

View a selection of HMS's Past Performances over the last five years.

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Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

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“Phase II was an outstanding effort put forth by the team HMS assembled. The VA's Region 1 Team appreciated the teamwork and effort that made this project a success. All of the projects should go as smoothly as this one… V/R”

RBrown, COTR

Select Past Performances

The following is a selection of HMS's awarded contracts from the span of the last five years.

Select Agency/ Department/ Office: VA HHS USPTO RATB LOC USCG DAF

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

VA Project 1

Project Description: Support the architecture, design, development, and integration activities for VA and DoD iEHR initiatives. Provide the software, installation, configuration, and implementation services of IBM WebSphere and DB2 COTS products to support the iEHR SOA Suite solution. Provide the Mirth, Layer7 and CA products that support this program.
Products/Services Offered: Architecture, Design, Development, Integration, Installation, Configuration, PM, DB2, Software, Agile, WebSphere.

VA Project 2

Project Description: Implementing CA Service Desk Manager, CMDB, and Asset Portfolio Manager to enable NSOC ticket reporting requirement, Moves Add Change, and asset management workflows. We leverage Xtraction to support reporting requirements and Process Automation to fulfill the integration requirements with the existing BMC Remedy System.
Products/Services Offered: CA Software, NSOC, Project management, CA SMEs

VA Project 3

Project Description: Providing cloud hosting facilities and fully managed hosting services for the VA to include ping, power, and pipe. This hosted solution includes a burstable solution allowing for fluctuations in monthly usage. Also providing System Administration support with SME resources.
Products/Services Offered: Sys Admin support, managed services, hosting, Ping. Power, Pipe

VA Project 4

Project Description: The goal of this project is to migrate services and applications from the Vitria Interface Engine (VIE) and Veterans Interoperability and Integrations (VII) onto the eMI. eMI also integrates seamlessly into VistA data services. Our team of Lead architects design and prototype key aspects of the VII service integration, and comply with the OneVA Enterprise Technical Architecture, provide end-to-end system analysis, performed gap analysis, and capacity management, and are key implementers of the Internal Service Framework.
Products/Services Offered: WebSphere, Message Broker, Business Process Manager, Software Developers, Layer7, WTX, SDLC, ITIL, Product Development.

VA Project 5

Project Description: HMS has Architected and Deployed the EMF FDR system to implement a centralized framework to monitor VA’s complex IT systems and processes across multiple disciplines and increase accountability across the enterprise.
Products/Services Offered: Enterprise Architecture, automation, migration, virtualization, Information Assurance, Security, SLAs.

VA Project 6

Project Description: Provided PMs across US to roll out 4 regional data centers. Consolidating 128 Medical Center VistA systems into 4 datacenters. PM's included financial, technical, change management, and PMI/PMBOK support. Stood up first PMO within OI&T.
Products/Services Offered: PMO, PM, Data center, OCM, PMBOK, PMAS

VA Project 7

Project Description: Provide VA cleared technicians to install and image thousands of computers at VA's nationwide. HMS ensures they meet all client security requirements, we onboard the staff and deploy them per VA schedules for short and long term assignments.
Products/Services Offered: Laptop imaging, technicians, tiger teams, Security Clearances

VA Project 8

Project Description: SQA included functional, non-functional, integration, code coverage, and data integrity testing of all VBMS components, including Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) services, the rating application (VBMS-R), correspondence generator (VBMS-C) and deployment process. HMS served as the support role for SRA during the software quality assurance testing process
Products/Services Offered: Software testing, SQA, 508, Audit, Agile, Sprints, Rational

VA Project 9

HMS Role: Prime
Project Description: Provide Hewlett Packard printing products and supplies across the Veterans Affairs entire enterprise. A three awardee $39M contract over 2 years Multi-functional and Single-function printers, both color and monochrome.
Products/Services Offered: Peripheral supplies such as toner and ink, paper trays, etc.

VA Project 10

Project Description: We staffed a team of acquisition professionals at various experience levels to provide cradle-to-grave acquisitions support services to VA. Our acquisition personnel were tasked with actions which included acquisition planning, business case studies, development of evaluation criteria, market research, development of independent government cost estimates (IGCE), writing performance work statements, statements of objectives and statements of work.
Products/Services Offered: Acquisition, Procurement, PMAS, Solicitation, RFP, evaluation, acquisition strategy, source selection

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

HHS Project 1

Project Description: Services include ensuring continuity of essential functions after a disaster; assisting the Department and its division in developing and documenting requirements; assisting Responders in the planning and executing of a response to an event; assisting in implementing various COOP/DR plans with the divisions; providing performance measurements as a monitoring tool; maintaining compliance; and communicating with other Functional Area contractors.
Products/Services Offered: Continuity of Operations, Disaster Recovery

HHS Project 2

Project Description: FMLS serves as the master source of core firm data within Food and Drug Administration (FDA), providing common firm data services to all Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) applications. FMLS is a Web-based application that integrates with center systems to share and synchronize firm’s data, and support real-time interfaces to standardize, validate, and match new and updated firm data. The end result of the FDA-wide initiative of building this information framework is an enterprise level ‘record of reference’ that becomes the "official" record for a given establishment or facility, product, shipper, manufacturer, drug, device, or other entity.
Products/Services Offered: SW Development, Quality assurance, Configuration management, Testing, geocode, EVM

HHS Project 3

Project Description: The National Institute of Health (NIH), through the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), with the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are conducting a national longitudinal cohort study of at least 40,000 current tobacco users, former tobacco users, and those who have never used tobacco. HMS supports the effort by maintaining pre-determined minimum amounts in the incentive funding account to ensure sufficient funds are available for disbursement by a third-party debit card provider. In addition, HMS provides monthly reporting of account activity and labor hours.
Products/Services Offered: Incentive management, Accounting

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

USPTO Project 1

Project Description: Provide portfolio, program, and PM support in the areas of financial management, business management, budget management, performance management, organizational change management & realignment, Program/Agile Scrum management, and training.
Products/Services Offered: Portfolio management, PgM, PM, PMBOK, Agile, Financial management, Business management, CPIC, EVM, OMB.

USPTO Project 2

Project Description: Provide acquisition management support to include Acquisition Planning, Acquisition Package Management, Evaluation of Proposals, Review and Analysis, Contract management & Administration, Contract Closeout, and Management Support.
Products/Services Offered: Procurement, Solicitation, RFP, evaluation, acquisition strategy, source selection

Recovery, Accountability, and Transparency Board (RATB)

RATB Project 1

Project Description: Provide fraud analysts to the Recovery Operations Center (ROC) supporting the recovery of misused government funds to prevent future fraud, waste, and abuse of public money. Also provide Big Data Artificial Intelligence software which traces money trails and GIS the fraudulent actors.
Products/Services Offered: Waste, Fraud, and Abuse, Artificial Intelligence software, geocoding

Library of Congress (LOC)

LOC Project 1

Project Description: Provide an agency-wide range of information technology (IT) business consulting services that addresses issues such as: strategic planning, governance, management, operations, security, internal controls, hosting environments, applications, enterprise architecture, system conversions, information assurance, system life cycle development, web development, digitization, business solutions, continuity of operations, cloud computing, virtualization, and best practices.
Products/Services Offered: Strategic planning, governance, management, operations, security, internal controls, hosting environments, applications, enterprise architecture, system conversions, information assurance, system life cycle development, web development, digitization, business solutions, continuity of operations, cloud computing, virtualization, and best practices.

United States Coast Guard (USCG)

USCG Project 1

Project Description: Provide telephony hardware and installation to 650 on and off-shore stations. Engineer, furnish, and Installation. End user training. The USCG is requiring new VOIP Unified Communication system installations, repairs, upgrades, expansions, and recapitalization of existing telephone and ancillary equipment. This includes all locations in US territories (CONUS and OCONUS), Europe, Asia and floating units throughout the Coast Guard. The scope includes services to maintain legacy telephony systems until such time they are recapitalized.
Products/Services Offered: Telephony, Hardware installation, Engineering, Avaya, training, PM, Unified Communications

Department of the Air Force (DAF)

DAF Project 1

Project Description: Provide Lexmark printing products and supplies across the Air Force’s entire enterprise. $70M contract.
Products/Services Offered: Multi-functional and Single-function printers, both color and monochrome. Peripheral supplies such as toner and ink, paper trays, etc.