Enterprise Integration Services

Through a combination of flexible services, innovative solutions, pre-built frameworks, industry expertise and strong partnerships, we deliver the right information technology business solutions for you, in the timeframe your business requires. From standardizing data centers and storage solutions to consolidating and migrating computer centers and records, our team is the right choice for your complex needs.

Architecting your network and enterprise

“J. Clayton did a great job …. One example is that she was able to reach out and help a co-deployment with EDW that was not her direct responsibility but she helped to make it happen. Just wanted to say thanks and that I appreciate the extra effort.”

C. Mace, USPTO Office of Application Engineering and Development

Network Design & Engineering

Our clients have unique enterprise network design and engineering needs. HMS’ bench of Solution Architects have complementary skills and experience with industry-leading Enterprise Architecture (EA) processes to assist with end-to-end modeling, applications modeling, infrastructure modeling, data modeling, and security modeling. Our architects artfully implement each of these to help our clients work toward the same goal - to synchronize the technology performance within their business objectives.


Data Center migrations have their own unique process to optimize the migration of applications, servers, and data. HMS’ Enterprise Architects have the experience to look at each system for the most efficient migration process. We understand the as-is architecture, application interdependencies, and the business needs our clients as well as the end user. We assess the optimum cloud environment between private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud solution and determine the business case to recommend which applications and servers to virtualize before or after the migration. HMS has existing partner relationships with industries largest cloud-based IaaS and PaaS service providers.

Our architects have experience analyzing each component of a data center - from the underlying network infrastructure, hosting servers, enterprise storage arrays, backup/recovery, high availability, and failover solutions in order to optimize Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Our holistic approach optimizes performance through capacity planning, risk mitigation, increased flexibility, operating cost reductions, and improved root-cause analysis.

Data Center/Hosting Support Services

HMS will host and analyze your data for the optimum combination for your IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS needs. Our hosting support services includes 24/7 network operations and Service Desk with Tier 1, 2, and 3 support. Our systems engineers take a deep look into designing trade-offs with maximum reuse of your investment and will recommend a cloud solution to maximize your ROI and lower operating expenses. We do this by analyzing LAN/WAN bandwidth, network latency, QoS, and data modeling while ensuring business alignment with your IT technology. Protection of your network and data privacy is critical!

A&A/CISSO Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is more to us than a 21st century buzzword. When maximum protection from unauthorized access to your network is needed, our cyber security experts will assess your network vulnerabilities and implement plans for remediation. Our end-to-end IT network Certification and Accreditation (C&A) and network Assessment and Authorization (A&A) experience (securing to FedRAMP and FISMA), provides maximum hardening of your data center network to ensure the data you store is protected. Our data center security includes Identify and Access Management (IAM) services and data encryption (FIPS 140-2/AES-256) to ensure your business maintains the highest levels of data integrity. HMS’ expert cyber security staff have Certified Information Systems Security Officer (CISSO) training which provides our clients with the most qualified expertise and skills available.

Unified Telephony

In today’s environment of mobility and remote communications, when you need converged voice, video, data, our Systems Engineers have deep experience designing solutions utilizing the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) platform and the Avaya IP Office and Aura solutions. HMS offers a fully engineered, furnished, and installed turnkey unified VOIP solution. HMS can standardize the communication systems across your enterprise by implementing a single Avaya/Cisco solution. By doing this, your business will rapidly reduce the lack of distributed architecture that impacts productivity, efficiency, and cost while overcoming an ever-changing and evolving technical environment. At the core of our unified telephony solutions are lower cost of ownership, interoperability with industry standards, and scalability to extend voice and video support to thousands of mobile end users.