Mission Statement

HMS’ mission is to be the most responsive SDVOSB systems integrator in the world; recognized for consistent award-winning quality and value.

HMS identifies its priorities as the Five C's, in the following order:

Country: As a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, the foundation of our organization is patriotism. Many staff members fought in combat for our great nation and sacrificed much for the freedoms we share today. Ensuring something is good for our Country is paramount before we perform work for a client.

Clients: At HMS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. we do not have customers. Customers come in from the street and buy wares. HMS has clients. We seek out our clients and show them the value we add to their organization. We are honor-bound to ensure our clients get our attention, our best performance at the best cost, and the truth.

Colleagues: At HMS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. our people are our most valuable resource. Our staff is collegial and professional with each other at all times. We help each other as teammates and work together for the common goal of teamed success. We share the workload and spend the necessary time working as a cohesive unit to deliver and win as a team.

Corporation: HMS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. was founded on the principles of Duty, Honor, and Country. We operate on these principles through every email, every phone call, every meeting, every day. Our hard work and dedication to principle has paid off in our extraordinary growth and success.

Cost-Control: HMS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. is a company that will bid and perform at a fair rate, but will not profit from modifying contracts or baiting and switching staff or promises. Our word is our bond and we will deliver on time, on budget, and on target.

“I really enjoy working with people like your NDCP team… they truly are, ‘The Dream Team’…”

Department of Veterans Affairs