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SEWP V is Easy to Use

To submit Requests for Quote (RFQ), Requests for Information (RFI), & Market Research Requests (MRR), the recommended method is using the SEWP Quote Request Tool (QRT) available on the SEWP website Use of this tool assists in providing and documenting Fair Opportunity, and verifying and assuring items quoted are on contract and properly priced. For further instructions, refer to the Ordering Process guide on the SEWP website.

End User or Contracting Officer:

  1. Determines Best Value Through Market Research
  2. Creates Delivery Order (DO)—Cites NASA SEWP Contract Number and Prime Vendor
  3. Sends order with cover sheet to NASA SEWP Portal, either by fax to 301-286-0317, or via email to A SEWP Fax Coversheet or simliar should accompany all DOs
  4. Sends Order to NASA SEWP Portal online:


  1. Verifies Order
  2. Forwards Valid Orders to the Appropriate Contract Holder
  3. Process time usually less than 1 business day through SEWP Portal

SEWP Vendor:

  1. Processes Order
  2. Delivers Equipment and Services
  3. Invoices Agency or Contractor

The Order Bundle Must Include the Following:

  • Delivery Order (any valid Government DO is allowed)
  • Low 0.39% Contract Fee for government agencies
  • Quote from a SEWP Contract Holder verifying the viability of the order
  • SEWP Fair Opportunity Form for orders over $5 Million

If modifications are made to any order, they must also route through the SEWP Portal.

Order AmountFee Percentage

All orders should be accompanied by the SEWP Fax Cover Sheet that is available on: